Dr. Vemuri Ravindra Babu


  • National Director (Field crops) at Patanjali Bio-Research Institute, Haridwar and trained more than 40000 farmers on Organic Farming in 20 states.
  • Director – Indian institute of Rice Research, ICAR, Hyderabad and served in different capacities as Principal Scientist, Head ,Plant Breeding and Project coordinator.
  • Instrumental in developing more than 10 rice varieties, which gained popularity among the farming community.
  • Under rice bio-fortification program, developed DRR dhan – 45, the first high yielding & high zinc variety notified by Central Variety Release Committee.
  • Served in different capacities for 13 years at ICAR–Central Soil Salinity Research Institute, Regional Research Station, Anand and during this tenure developed saline tolerant varieties in paddy, wheat, mustard and Bengal gram.
  • He also identified salt resistant Salvador sp. and other salt tolerant grass sps for high salt areas of Bhal region of Gujarat.

  • Recognitions

  • As the Director, IIRR, he has monitored the progress of more than 50 externally funded projects and 20 contractual research projects.
  • Received more than 15 individual and team awards including the outstanding best ICAR Institute Award and CSIR award for S & T innovations for Rural Development.
  • Published more than 120 research papers in peer reviewed national and International journals.
  • Presently elected as President, Retired ICAR Employees Association, Hyderabad.
  • He has also lead the national bio-fortification programmed on different crops and identified many high nutritional varieties.

  • Education

  • M.Sc (Ag).
  • Ph.D. (Genetics & Plant Breeding).