Mr Chacko Jacob

Co-founder and Chief Business Officer Mist EO

Precision and Remote Sensing Expert


Co-founder and Chief Business Officer of MistEO. In this role, Chacko leads setting up strategic direction, overall business development and subject matter expert within for the agriculture business.


Before founding MistEO, Chacko served as a Global Agribusiness Lead at IBM where he led the implementation of weather based solutions globally in the digital agriculture marketplace providing expertise in innovative technologies, such as precision agriculture, geospatial technologies and other information technology tools. He played a pivotal role in rolling out Watson Decision Support Platform for Agriculture and establishing several business partnerships for the IBM agriculture offerings.

  • Bringing over 20 years of experience from within the agriculture industry, he has held various positions across the industry where he was responsible for implementing precision agriculture solutions and remote sensing technologies into major precision agriculture consulting firms and crop science companies.
  • He worked in Syngenta in a global role prior to IBM. Chacko held senior management position at Farmers Edge where he oversaw the technology development and business partnerships, and assisted in the expansion of operations to various countries. He also held positions at Decisive Farming Corporation, PCI Geomatics, the Minnesota Department of Transportation, and Bayer Crop Science.

  • Masters of Science in Geographic Information Science (GIS) from the University of Minnesota.
  • Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from the University of Allahabad.